HISTORY of Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6

     December 6, 2013 held on the anniversary evening dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6.

     The event began with the presentation of the film on the activities of the Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6. Continued evening Honored Doctor of Ukraine, MD, chief doctor Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6 - Kryzhevskyy Vadim V.. Read more ...  


     Chief Doctor - Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Head of the Department of General and Emergency Surgery NMAPO them, MD Kryzhevskiy Vadim V. 

    Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6 was founded in 1964 and is located on 3.2 hectares of picturesque green part of Kyiv. The structure of the hospital is 3 clinical cases, administrative building, laboratory and diagnostic building, central sterilization department, kitchen, laundry and household yard. Also in the "Medical city" are other medical institutions: NIST named. Shalimov, "Eye Microsurgery Center," Medical Center "Dobrobut", a private maternity hospital «ISIDA», Children's Hospital Clinic number 4 and by her clinic, a branch clinic № 1 Solomyanskogo area, "Institute of Cell Therapy" Telemedicine Center, a private diagnostic center MRT «Medi-Vip», pharmacy CE "Pharmacy» № 99.

   At different times the clinical site had from 500 to 1100 beds. Currently Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 6 is a multi-hospital for 490 beds More...


ADMINISTRATION of Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6


 METHODS OF TREATMENT of Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6

 Kyiv Municipal Hospital № 6 has the latest equipment and perform advanced examination and operations, including:

  • Radiology department has to its credit mammography system "Planmed Sophie Classic" (Finland).

    Diagnostics department (5 korp., 1st floor, tel. (044) 408-59-81) is equipped with modern ultrasound machine expert class ALPINION E-CUBE.

  • Department of Surgery has to its credit laparoscopic rack.

  • Urology department has the newest equipment - contact laser litotrypter and a resectoscope.

  • Traumatology department has to its credit arthroscopic rack.

  • Gynaecology department uses hysteroscopic rack for hysteroresections.

 In addition, the Kyiv Municipall Hospital № 6 has a powerful diagnostic capability, which helps correct and timely diagnosis and save lives.

 In the diagnostic resource: ultrasound apparatus Aloha, ezofahoduodenoskopic diagnosis, newest colonoscopy equipment. Equipment for research cardiovascular sysem - ECG, echocardiography, ergometer.


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